unmute is a creative music and sound agency

built on a strategic and insight driven approach

to design and creation of audible experiences


Audiences choose with their senses – by the means of vision, taste, scent, feel and sound. So you might as well find the sound of your brand – ´cause your audience will hear you. Be it through the smart speaker in their kitchen, the commercial clip on your website, in the car radio driving home or when looking through your channel on YouTube. Our concept of sound identity gives you control of all audible content and increases the value of your entire identity.


Life is an experience – and sound is an integral part. Our digital life is becoming increasingly audible as new innovations emerge and the bleeps, dings and swooshes of our phones and tablets today marks the beginning of a prosperous tomorrow with engaging sound design experiences. We make user experience, brand identity, communication and technology meet in mixtures never heard before – but listened too ever since.

Designing music and sound for a brand is like scoring an epic movie. Sometimes the music is in the center of it all with dramaturgy and identity. Other times it’s just the underlying current that drives the narration or helps you keep track of place and time. Traits we harness to make purpose, communication and brand personality come together in your branded podcast, your audio guide or on your customer service phone.

Through music you can connect with your audience like nothing else. Therefore we love creating music – according to brief, in all genres and within short time frames. We translate your vision, idea or concept into audible experiences and deliver original music compositions for TV, films, advertising, games, apps, events and basically anything you can imagine coming out of a speaker.

The Impact of Music

We are experts in clearing music rights. You want to use a special song from the other side of the world? Looking for the perfect music? No problem. Unmute Publishing has access to a huge well of music and artists. We also handle licensing agreements for brands and media worldwide.

QuandooStauning Whisky

We believe in the power of music and its ability to bring people together. And we stop at nothing to make it happen: artist partnerships, live events, instore experience, brand activation or audience profiling. We believe in the digital future of communication and innovate on that notion. Our latest offer is the very first branded service based on Music Data Intelligence: brandtrax.


Music. Communication. Data. Our area of expertise. And where the future lies. At unmute we create audible experiences with an equal focus on creativity, strategy and functionality. We call it short and crisp: The Sound of Identity.

Our playbook is based on a digital agenda – just as the brands we work with. In the ever-evolving world of digital we foresee sound as the interface of the future and we strive to be frontrunners in bringing brands and their audience closer together through data-driven solutions – from the smart speakers of Amazon and Google to the intelligent mobility solutions that will grow to be the veins and nerves of our future infrastructure.

It all needs to communicate – it all needs sound.

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© unmute 2019